The passion for gardening began with the first generation of Walkers on this land. Bill Walker Jr. devoted much time and energy into building the 40+ raised beds, a high deer fence around them, and partnering with the community to make quality, life-giving compost. He passed his passion and knowledge onto us, as well as all he developed here on the farm.

Much of our vegetables and berries are grown in the very raised beds Mr. Walker built himself. They are plush with quality soil from winter cover crops and integrated compost that is made right here on the farm. Mr. Walker has partnered with various companies in the community to bring manure, wood chips, and other excess compostable materials so as to continue to cultivate the 10 foot mounds of compost he has built over the years. The mounds are turned annually and are used widely on the farm for not only the garden beds, but for the landscaping and the orchard as well.

Our vegetables, supplemented with quality compost, are grown organically, and never sprayed or treated with chemicals. We use drip tape in each bed so as to ensure low water waste and keep our plants hydrated. We also love to book end our beds with pollinator flowers to encourage bees and other bugs that will help keep unwanted pests away.

Why Smoke in Chimneys Produce?
At Smoke in Chimneys we are focused on quality flavor and nutritional value, two things that, especially with vegetables, go hand in hand. As nature made it, the more nutrient dense, the more packed with flavor. This is why we are committed to growing vegetables and fruits that are healthy and free of all chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Most of the vegetables and fruits accessible in our stores today make up a small number of varieties reliant on additions to the soil that zap all organic life - the very thing that creates flavor. Here at Smoke in Chimneys many of our selected vegetable varieties are heirloom and offer a variety of unexpected flavors that are unheard of in mainstream stores and restaurants.