Mulefoot Pigs


Here at Smoke in Chimneys our mulefoot pigs are a little more wild, and a little more unruly, but we like them that way. The heritage breed is excellent at foraging and are right at home in the woods. With plenty of space to roam, they spend their days rooting, wallowing in a sought out spring, and piling up for a good nap.

Diet and Management:
Our pigs are rotationally grazed over lush pasture and given ample access to woods. Our land offers them a diverse selection of grasses, roots, nuts, and seeds. Their diet is supplemented with a local feed and scraps from the garden. Occasionally they are given left over raw milk - their absolute favorite. Their innate ability to turn the soil as they root and graze, while fertilizing it at the same time, give us a natural platform to reseed our pastures with new varieties.

Why Smoke in Chimneys Pork?
Our pigs take a little longer to grow, but naturally, most good things take time. Because our pigs are on pasture, each day of their lives is filled with essential components for quality pork. Their time in the sun, running around on pasture, and rooting through the woods all factor into the nutritional value and taste of this exceptional meat: it is packed with vitamins and minerals directly from the land (and Vitamin A and D which can only be received from time in the sun), the very things that make up unique and unforgettable flavor. Unlike conventional pork, where pigs are inside in confined areas and only fed grain, our pastured pork is 50% grass fed (40% more than usual ‘pastured pork’) and is more lean with the fat more smooth and defined. Because they are given time to grow, before they put on fat, and because they are grown on the land through the change of seasons, the fat is buttery in texture, and filled with a variety of flavors attributed to the fall grasses and acorns they are finished with. Our bacon is cured and smoked on-farm in an old smoke house over an open fire. Smoke and Chimneys pork is an ode to the past and an inspiration for the future.