Smoke and Chimneys began through prayer, and is centered on prayer.

There is much spiritual inheritance already established here. The first generation of Walkers to live on this land came to this property over 50 years ago. They whole heartedly dedicated this farm to God, following Him and pursuing His vision for this place. Upon our arrival we began to realize that the baton was being passed and we began to step into God’s vision for the new things that would take place here.


Through much prayer, it became clear that for all that God desired to do here, He desired to do firstly through worship and prayer. God calls His House a House of Prayer (Matthew 21:13) and we believe that He is calling our land to become a House of Prayer. Just as David was worshiping in the cave, and so dwelt the presence of God (1 Samuel 19), we desire to worship Him, because He is worthy (Psalm 145:3) and so His presence dwells with us here (Psalm 139:7).


Smoke in Chimneys is named as a metaphorical reference to the fire we are igniting here through prayer and worship as an offering and as a symbol of His presence. It is also a metaphor for new life coming to the farm, as we ‘put smoke back into the old chimneys.’

God, as the creator and savior, is a God of blessing, as we see through the life and words of Jesus (Ezekiel 34). We are called then to not only be people of prayer and worship, but to be people of blessing. We desire for His presence, and our blessings, to not only affect our land but to flood over the boundary lines and deeply bless our community.

We also believe that, as His children, what we do affects the land physically and spiritually. We desire to steward this land with the knowledge that it is firstly God’s and as we speak blessings over the land, and act as a blessing to the land, we believe the land will respond as it does in scripture (Deuteronomy 11:13-15). His creation continually cries out for Him  and groans for the present time (Romans 8:19). What a magnificent place to worship Him, among His creation, nature’s abundant 'prayer room’.

We believe God specifically desires for our prayer room here on the farm to reflect the rhythms He has already established as a sign of His faithfulness and unconditional love. These rhythms, of sunrise and sunset, are ones that move with and reflect the rhythms of the seasons, which in turn reflect the seasons of life, and are a picture of His resurrection, His redemption and grace, and His faithful promise to bring new life.

Current Prayer Room Times: Tuesday and Thursday 6AM - 8AM // will open Sept 11