Smoke and Chimneys Farm Dinners are an incredible way to experience the way food is supposed to taste, and the quality in which you are meant to eat it.

Our dinners are set as destinations on our farm in different places where the food here is grown. You may have the garden experience of a table dinner before our forty plus raised beds full of colorful vegetables and fruits with a backdrop of dense green forest, or you may sit atop a rolling hill overlooking our paddocked pastures dotted with cows along the flowing Pigg River. You may have the experience of dining at the center of a wide breadth of thirty acres full of native sunflowers with the river before you and thick plush woods to your back. You may desire an evening lit dinner in our orchard, with the distant sound of pigs rustling through the woods bordering the field. Or perhaps you will eat Smoke in Chimneys farm dishes beside our barn, beneath our two chimneys, as the trout hit the top of the pond water and the golden dairy cows chew their cud.

No matter where your dinner is set, you will be sure to experience the unforgettable flavor and quality of our meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. Many of our dinner are additionally supplemented with produce from our small town Glade Hill and the other family gardens in our area. Each dinner is also paired with a choice of two Virginia wines, or for more of Apple-achian mountain feel, a selection of two local ciders.

Each dinner is plated atop farm tables hand made on our land, with trees from our land. At the center of your table you will find fresh cut Smoke in Chimneys flowers, hopefully releasing the fragrance of meaningful conversation and a sense of the earth beneath your feet, nearly touching Heaven.