Wildlife Conservation


Here at Smoke in Chimneys we have invested in the wildlife by sewing into habitat building and natural food production.

Much of the land is wooded and home to numerous springs and creeks. To preserve these bodies of water we have fenced out all of the creeks and streams that run through the farm. This preserves the water quality and the river edges to keep them intact and healthy. The Pigg River borders the lower side of our farm as well. Along 50 acres of this border we have dedicated the land to habitat and food for native species including bear, doves, rabbits, foxes, deer, and hopefully a returning quail population, by planting a specific seed mix. This mix is comprised of native grasses and forbs that were present here over 100 years ago.

Additionally, the new ponds on our farm have become central to much wildlife activity and serve as water catchment systems for our pastures and animals. They are also somewhat a filter system for the particular creek they run into, as the fish naturally filter out the water and it is fed back into the creek.

All of our fields are organic and never sprayed or treated with chemical fertilizers. We believe this is essential to creating healthy soil and ensuring clean, healthy bodies of water. Instead, our fields are given time to rest, and are organically mineralized and nutritionally fed via rotational grazing and plant based minerals. To build a healthy farm, one must invest in healthy soil.

We believe partnering with the wildlife is an important part of farming. Instead of constantly taking away from and disrupting the natural tendencies of nature, here at Smoke in Chimneys, we desire to give back, and create balance. We care not only about the state of our land now, but want to ensure healthy and fruitful soil and bodies of water for future generations.