Rainbow trout


Smoke and Chimneys rainbow trout are strong and fast and hard to catch.

Fly fishing is a favorite past time for us here at Smoke in Chimneys, so we thought, why not bring the fish to us? With a system of two ponds that is creek-fed, but also cycles back into the very same creek, we have created a beautiful water catchment and filter system that, during the colder months, is home to rainbow trout. These ponds, however, have also become home to ducks, herons, geese, and are a reliable water source for other wildlife on our land.

Diet and Management:
During the fall months we stock both ponds with rainbow trout and through the winter they feed off of bugs and are supplemented with a fish feed. By the spring we are in fishing heaven, and although these trout are pond fish, it is no easy task to reel one in.

Fly Fishing:
Both of the ponds sit at one of the lowest points on the north side of our farm. They are bordered with a small patch of woods, but are accessible all around. This makes a fabulous setting to teach and practice fly fishing: a welcomed unlikelihood of getting your fly hung up. The fish, although eager to bite, grow quickly over the winter months, so there is opportunity to fish smaller, readier fish in the fall and winter, or to practice reeling in stronger, heavier fish in the spring.

Virginia Trout:
For most Virginians, when desiring to have trout to eat, it is either a question of if you want to spend your day attempting to catch one and eat it off the river, or of settling for farmed trout grown inside and shipped from out of state or country.  At Smoke in Chimneys we can provide the quality taste of a fish freshly caught and the unique experience of eating trout straight from Virginia waters.