Wagyu beef


We currently have grass fed angus beef for sale - dry aged 2 weeks. Quarters for $9/lb, ground for $6 and steaks available too! Call or email to place an order!

Here at Smoke in Chimneys our bull is sweet, and gentle, and named: Atticus. The dark black and brown coat of wagyu cows, with their long faces, and big ears, often leave visitors wondering what exactly we are keeping in our fields. Especially with our horned bull and his unique physique. But our herd is right at home. Along with sustainable farming practices, here at Smoke in Chimneys we are committed to exceptional flavor. So naturally, we grow Wagyu beef.

Diet and Management:
Our beef herd is rotationally grazed throughout the farm with access to an assortment of grass varieties, clean water, and shaded wood. As they graze and trample, they deposit priceless nutrients back into the soil to keep the cycle going. They are 100% grass fed, and we give them quite a bit longer to grow to ensure quality marbling and dense flavor.

Why Smoke in Chimneys Wagyu?
Wagyu beef is currently America’s top beef in marbling. Here at Smoke in Chimneys we are not only committed to beef with exceptional marbling, but with exceptional flavor. Conventional beef that is fed an entirely grain diet, and often kept indoors or confined in small spaces, pales in comparison to the flavor, texture, and marbling of our beef. True diverse flavor comes from a diverse pallet of grasses and an ability to move freely beneath the sun (the only way to receive essential vitamins A and D). Plus, they are stress free and quite happy, which of course, makes for better meat.