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We are a family farm home to three generations (and a growing fourth) that is passionate about stewarding our land well and honoring our Creator, two things that we believe go hand in hand. Two stone Chimneys, built by hand over 100 years ago, sit at the center of our land. These Chimneys signify all that came before us, and allude to all that is ahead. Our desire at Smoke in Chimneys is to figuratively put smoke back into these chimneys, or in other words, bring life back to the land, physically and spiritually. We believe as we partner with God, His presence and ways will bless the land abundantly and all that we are doing here. Come and experience the new life at Smoke in Chimneys.



Our first Farm To Table event was a huge success, check out our Dinner page!


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Interested in Pork, Chicken or Beef? Email Us at or check our online Farm Store!